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What is Concordant?

The Concordant platform enables developers to create edge and mobile apps easily and quickly, with a uniform architecture extending across the edge and to the cloud.

Hassle-free Application Development

Build mobile, edge, and collaborative applications that just work, anywhere across the edge-cloud spectrum, seamlessly whether connected or not. Choose your deployment, in the cloud or on-premise; Concordant maintains app consistency and keeps it up and running. Develop applications quickly, with a single code base for multiple devices. Reduce time to market, and focus on your customers' needs.

Why Choose Concordant?

Collaborative by Design

Any object can reconcile updates from different users, with clear, intuitive results. Pick the object types for your scenario, and let Concordant resolve conflicts — without a single extra line of code.

Consistent and Available Data Everywhere

Concordant ensures that your data is available, whether in the office, off site, or on the move. Share data and update it; never lose updates; diverged data will reconcile; data never violates the integrity constraints of your app.

Vendor-agnostic and Secure

Leverage your existing storage platform, or start anew. Concordant adapts to multiple stores, and enables distributed, device-to-device collaboration without having to rebuild your entire stack.

Next Generation Data Management

Data is pervasive and comes in many forms. There is no one-size-fits-all data solution that is efficient and cost-effective for every app. The Concordant approach adapts replication to your data management challenges. For instance, save costs by processing data on the edge, sending to the cloud only the data that is necessary.

Minimalist API
An API for developers to focus on their business problems with no fuss. Run your app in the cloud, in gateways, on the edge, or serverless.
Smart Offline Support
Work now, sync later. Our API can mask loss of connectivity transparently. Device is secured and can be a source of truth.
Consistent Storage
Transactions, integrity constraints, causal delivery, and update reconciliation ensure the level of consistency that your data requires.


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Our Products

We provide storage solutions for mobile devices, the edge and the cloud.
We support multiple replication topologies, with peer-to-peer and hierarchical replication.
You can store data in your existing database, or get superior availability and consistency with our Antidote store. On-premise or hosted, the possibilities are endless.
Feature Your DB Your DB +
Concordant API
Your DB +
Concordant C-PoP
Your DB +
Concordant C-Cloud
Offline Support
Offline Collaboration
Edge Presence
Edge-to-Cloud integrity
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