Together, let's make it work

We provide a range of services to allow you to take advantage of our experience in CRDTs and Edge infrastructure to help get your product to market as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


The open-source Starter or Community Edition (CE) is free of charge. CE supports the uniform Concordant cloud-to-edge local-first model, enabling the app to run anywhere with consistency guarantees even in offline mode. CE is fully compatible with Entreprise Editions, and enables app developers to prototype and familiarise themselves with the Concordant APIs. CE also guarantees that users of Entreprise Editions retain full control of their app and data. CE does not support some advanced automation features, lateral sharing at the edge, nor the C-PoP device.

The enhanced Entreprise Editions (EE) extend CE with advanced platform support and additional modules for solving specific use cases efficiently. In particular, it sports advanced queries, advanced devOps, and advanced security options. For instance, it can be configured with specific IoT settings and or special support for high-bandwidth operations. EE requires signing up for a monthly support package, with Bronze, Gold, or Platinum service-level options. Service levels differ by response time, help-desk hours of operation, and communication methods.

Hosting Services

Customers can deploy and host the application on their own servers or with third party cloud providers. For those customers who would like a complete hassle-free experience, the company will provide a service for hosting customers' application in leading hosting operators (such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) and charge a percentage of total costs as hosting/management revenue. We also plan to study the possibility of developing a Platform as a Service offering for hosting customers' applications.


The company can make its expertise available to its customers by providing consulting on how to best adapt the technology to the customers' application requirements. This consulting can be provided by the founders (at a higher price) or by Concordant developers. If demand justifies it, a separate consulting team can be formed to help customers design and develop their applications.